Time: 12:35. I have to be awake in 5 hrs.
Today me and some chums bid on 1 million pies, without any regret or worries.
If you ask me, that's defiantly living life to the max.
I will defiantly tell my children (if i don't lose my penis in a freak accident) about the time i bid on 1 million pies.

Today i had a strange trance, in which is was fixated with my own reflection. As i looked into my own eyes, my face seemed to metamorphosis. I blamed this toward my tiredness, as lack of sleep can play tricks on the mind, but now i think more deeply, maybe the reasoning for this is because I'm unaware of what my face truly looks like.

i shall ponder on this matter more in detail soon as I'm off on a trip, to the middle of no where.
i believe its called
or the locals call it keswick.

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