Time: 11:44. Time has become a blur, in these past few days. Iv given up on sleep.
In these past two hours iv felt a intermingle of emotions, in which iv found it difficult to understand let alone distinguish. I feel like my heart and soul is bare wide, to the elements, and they've taken a beating. Is this because iv put my heart and soul into so much of this world and not received anything back? My current situation with my love life surly cant be helping this situation ether. Is my love life destined to be full of negative thoughts and paranoia? I'm fairly certain i love her, but why do i feel like my love will lead to a certain downfall?

My sleep patterns have come to an utter stand still, in which time and days are starting to become one long day dream. I found my nights spent through endless and fruitless Searches of ways to find a natural ways to find a refreshing sleep. I yearn to be normal.
Nothing seems to help.

On a positive note, i think iv found a friend who understands and thinks in the same frame of mind as me.
Which is a load off my mind, as that means, I'm not insane.
Which is a good thing... right?

Note to self: Think positive, and the rewards will show.


  1. y'gotta keep on keepin' on son.

  2. Mann, deep blog.
    Was thinking I may have to post one on a similar topic.

    Deffinatly stay thinking positive mate,
    I'm always the floor above if you wanna hang out.

    And glad you've found a friend who's in the same frame of mind for some support (Y)