Milk was a bad choice

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Time: 3:36 am. The question in mind at this time, is inevitably:
This questions comes to mind quite often, But recently came to mind shortly after talking to my beautiful girlfriend, about why i want to take the next step: becoming vegan. I explained that i wanted to do this after i found out about the process in which cows are raped to produce milk, in which she blurted out that iv changed. In a certain degree this is correct. I want to become a more positive person, and have a good, clean, fun.
But is a good change, never the less a bad change? Her explanation too this was that she felt i had changed because I'm reading into things in much more depth than i used too. in other words i have opened my eyes to the corrupt shit around us. maybe she's right, maybe i should turn a blind eye to the cruelty and destruction, before turning my self insane, from tearing my self apart because i cant change the world. My girlfriend also explained that she doesn't see the logic behind my views of life anymore. This unfortunately lead to me questioning and doubting my own beliefs. Does being poison free and animal free lifestyle have any effect towards changing the views of society?
And then my logic kicked in:
My choices are my own.
I want to make a positive impact, in my life.
This is how i chose to lead my life, and i am proud of my beliefs.

Although I'm fully aware and very proud of my beliefs, does this undoubtedly make me who i am? Is this the answer to my question?
I'm Luke
I'm straight edge
I'm vegetarian
I'm proud.

I think only time will tell me the answer.
(Btw, me and my gf have settled things, so dont worry your cotton socks)


  1. Just try and get your milk and animal related products from producers who are more ethical, rather than mass producing cow rapers.

  2. Interesting post man, I like it.
    I have to say I was worried you were losing your way towards the middle, but I'm glad to see you found resolve at the end (Y).

    You should always question yours and other peoples belifes. Thats what bring us to conclusions about them and formulates your final beliefs, the ones you see as correct.
    Once you've found that, don't let other people take it away from you, always keep an open mind. But don't let people sway you without reason.

    Be proud, and find happiness within it (:


  3. You asked yourself some pretty deep questions. You got me thinking though, but I'd like to think all our actions make a difference, even if its only to one person.

    But you're right your choices are your own. We shouldnt care what everyone else thinks of our choices.