Forgive and then argue about it later.

Time: 3:44
Iv had..
Ow wait: back in jiffy i believe i can hear one of Laura's friends being sick upstairs, that what you get when you drink LOL.

Okay, It turns out she just felt ill, so i cheered her up and had a nice chat. It was Laura's cousin, which was nice, as i haven't really had much time to have a one on one chat with her. She seems quite nice.
Okay lets start again

Time: 4:45
I'm sat in Laura's PJ'S and on Laura's new apple mac, Eating some well nice cheese and crackers: in which I'll more than likely get told off for, but I'm rad as fuck, and break rules 
Iv had a pretty good day today, it was nice to see my mother and close friends, as well as meet some of Laura's friends, although the retarded lesbian lass attempted to start a fight with me, and then repeatedly told me she almost got "shanked" AKA for the us normal people stabbed as wheres she's from is rough, in which i replayed: your mums rough! LOL
She also repeatedly called me a loser for not drinking, which made me feel more of an social outcast than before. But what can you expect from a lass who's 16  and has funny hair?
Although me & Laura are in the middle of a rough patch at the moment, I decided to let it go for now, seeing as its her birthday.
I'll more than likely regret prolonging the argument, as she will soon be starting work, and decide because she's 18, alcohol will mean more than our relationship for the next few weeks, which is fair enough, as your only 18 once. But it all adds up, and will more than likely prolong the argument for another month.
I was planning to finish the blog there, but i just snuck up stairs hoping to give Lauz a bit of midnight birthday nookie, in which she replayed:
then rolled over to fall asleep.
So i might as well carry on:

Note to self: I hate apple computers, they point out my bad spelling, then remind me of my dyslexia.
P.s i spelt 90% of that "note to self" bit wrong... :(

I feel the pressure building at university, Socially, mentally and physically. The social aspect is quite demanding at university, seeing as I'm not a social person, but enable myself to appear social, i tend to make quite a few social groups, in which I'm finding difficult to keep up with.
 The mental aspect is a struggle at the moment as my mind seems to be clouded with different thoughts, emotions and problems, in which I'm struggling to actually organise and personally sort out. I wrote a blog about my compound of  emotions, but felt it was too personal to publish at this moment in time. One problem i seem to be having emotionally is choosing my house mate for next year: I feel we have alto of pressure on deciding who i want to live with for the rest of next year. A few of my close friends have directly asked me to live with them, with some of there friends, but i worry living with people i see as best friends, may not work as ideally as it may seem. I worry living close together may be rad as fuck for a short period of time, but over a long time together, we may slowly get sick of each other, which would be pants. But if i live with random people, i could possible have the chance to make new friends, and then also keep my best friends, without the worry of us falling apart, because I'm pretty sure il be a bit shit to live with. To be honest i think its weird that someone actually wants to live with me.. lol
The Physical problems is too be blamed on university work, its god damn hard work working 9-5 doing practical, then coming home only to write a 1000 word essay.

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