Theres Biscuit Crumbs In The Bed.

Time: 3:41: I've watched 12 episodes of The Big Bang Theory in a row: The intellectual, scientific and nerdy Humour cracks me up! The episode where Sheldon reproduces through mitosis had me in stitches!


I'm sat in a different environment tonight in which i don't usually write my blogs, I feel as if its not the place nor the time to be writing something personal. so just to keep a certain reader intrigued, i shall only spill a few drips of emotions into the vast sea of thought.
(was the metaphor too cheesy?)

Tonight I'm staying at my girlfriends house.
I often forget she's normal.
I forget she needs sleep.
At time's i feel angry at her for not staying awake and comforting me.
Although i know its wrong of me and very ridicules  to be angered by the one i love for doing something as natural as sleep, yet i still find myself having a paddy, only to find myself rolling over in the morning and loving and forgiving her.
It's like an unspoken argument between us that we never actually act out.
I believe its down to jealousy.
I think I'm sick of watching the world sleep, while my world stays in a never ending motion.
 I find my nights confined to her bed, staring into the left hand corner of her window, watching the street light flicker, while the moths are drawn to the ambient light pulsate.
Although sleepless nights are not without there humours sides when sharing a bed with Lauz, i often find different ways to bully her in her sleep.
Plus although she often snore/dribbles in her sleep, she still looks beautiful.

Note to self: Although big bang theory is really funny, its not as good as sex.


  1. I love the big bang theory, especialy when theres jokes in there that you have to have a certain level of geekyness to get. Great program!

  2. Firstly that metaphor was not too cheesy. I love dealing in metaphors like that xD

    And I hear what your sayin' man, its understandable in your current situation.