This week has probobly been the highlight of my summer.
I went leeds fest - fucking awesome time there
Had a day off, had a great nights sleep and a shower and then awoke to find elen at my doorstep :)
We ended up spending the past few days, Going on walks, bike rides, dog walks, chilling out at Nottingham beach,(photo above) playing in the fountain, eating awesome food, eating ben and jerrys ice cream whilst snuggled in bed watching big bang theory.
Pure nirvana 

Bonus is i video'd most of it, which is all edited and colour corrected. Just waiting for it too render... which is currently taking this piss... so il prob write a proper blog later on, whilst i wait for it too finish.

Im not too sure if i like the editing of the film, but its hard too tell if it flows on this lappy, seeing as its not fast enough to view without jumping in the edit windows.... haha So i might do one or two edits of this, just for fun, plus gain some experience in editing, which is one of my weaknesses.
Well, il be uploading the film tomorrow-ish at this rate.

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