Spice is the variety of life.

This weeks had a lot of ups and downs, but I guess the best way to keep happy is vast yourself in escapism.
Instead of alcohol or drugs, iv been distracting myself, while at the same time having a blast of a time in the process; By adding variety and being spontaneous. 
This Easter iv done what the hell iv wanted and when iv wanted.
And had a fucking rad time in the process.
Iv climbed through kitchen windows, and watched the stars on the roof at my friends house, 
Iv thrown eggs at windows, 
Iv gone out smashing things, 
And loads more,
Yet, the best things where the smallest aspects of the sprinkle of spice to my life;
Like swapping my pillow the other side of my bed,
Having debates about people, and religion.
Going on random walks, and getting stuck in tree's.
and not to forget watching the extended edition of LOTR.


Im just trying to have as much fun as i possibly can, until im stuck knee deep in work, again, in order to pass my media degree.
I'll be busy making my own short film, as well as making the sound/ scores for my groups films.
Alot of work.
But il upload the soundtracks too sound-cloud and add them to my blog so you can have a wee listen.

Okay, better start some work.
Catch you later

P.s thanks for the support; Cam.

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