A letter to the dead.

Dear the recently deceased ,

If you want to consider me as a bad person, inconsiderate and a bit of an overall wanker; your welcome to, and your in the right possition too feel anger towards my own actions. I sharnt pass the blame to any one apart from myself, as your right, it was very inconsiderate of me. I apologise if you felt our entire relationship was broken down to me "twisting" the truth to make you directly feel bad, and if this is true, i guess i need to change as a person.  But one thing i don't agree with; was the fact you felt more strongly about our relationship than i did; I suffered half a year, yearning to see you, to be with you. TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU, yet you did not compel to these requests. I naturally felt distanced from you, and as this accrued, so did my emotions. The emotions i once felt for you were torn. Wether this was because of the constant arguing, the distance or any other additional factors. But these feelings hurt me,

A lot.

Over time, i distanced myself even further from you, as a defence mechanism.
I dont think you truly understand how much agony i had to endure.
I was falling out of love.

I have far to much respect for you.
And it would be nice to stay friends with you.
But this letter is not to tell you that this your fault; thats far from the truth,
 But a letter to inform you i have feelings too, whether you respect them or not.


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