Msn chat with kerry;

Heres a Insanity wolf i made

Today i caught up with an old friend on msn: 

xLUKExEDGEx says:
 Just reading a philosphy book, Arthur schopenhauer is amazing but fuck me, he's sexist
 "women are suited to being the nurses and teachers of the earliest childhhod, preciestly because they themself are childish"
Billy Childish says:
 haha i know i know
 he thought women were mutilated :')
- xLUKExEDGEx says:
 You bloody are, now make me a sandwich
Billy Childish says:
 i can't
 i only have a thumb and a fore finger between two hands
- xLUKExEDGEx says:
 Nothing that bleeds every month is normal
 Do you think philosophers are sexist as they couldnt get any nookie?

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