In The Deepest Depths Of My Soul.

"As long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings he will never know health of peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other." - Pythagoras

Time: 1:43.
Hello Internet. We haven't spoken in a while.
Iv missed you.
Iv had a soul enriching experience this week. It's been nice.

I started my weekend with a 3 message in my phone inbox on Friday morning:

"Hey Luke, Glad to help you with your media project, It was lovely seeing you, Mum x"
"I love you x"
"Faggot" : This last one was obviously from fucking Amy Hughes.. Dick'ed

Which is always a good start to a day; especially as it means trying hard to become close to my mother has made a slight impact in our almost none existent and minimalist relationship. Later that day I went down town with some friends, and for once in a long time, stopped, and felt the worlds existence move around me. It felt nice, to slow down time, and have my breath taken away how beautiful and astonishing the world can be. Sure stoke on Trent isn't exactly what id call a spot of pure beaut, but past the dull, exterior of an industrial waste land, its quite a beautiful place.. If you look very deep.

Its been quite a philosophically enriching week to be fair.
Iv been thinking and questioning and answering so much about myself.
Questioning the fabric of physical & mental forces.

For a long time iv been questioning weather or not I'm truly free.
After allot of read and pondering i think iv almost got the answer;
Good old Jean Paul Sartre believed that
"Human-reality is free because it is not enough. it is free because it is perpetually wretched away from itself"
From what i read of his work online I doubt that Sartre would say that we are "fully" free, for example, to walk through a solid wall, or realistically be free to make that choice. However it could be said even when the odds of freedom is impossible, for example if I was at Gun point, and its physically impossible to escape, I'm still free to have and make choices, such as, If i stare at my capture, or how i except my death. So yes in that sense i Am always free within my own mind.

So in some senses, there is a limitation to absolute freedom, but only physically.
So for all you lot who couldn't be arsed to read all that nonsense: we are free within our mind, yet not in body. Or in other words is that we cannot choose to not make a choice, and that we are thus condemned to be free, within our mind.

This still interests me, even reading back at it. Another mind enriching experience, was when i was on this website http://www.chatroulette.com/
In the depts of this website, you can meet very interesting people, as long as you dig past the foreigner, the guys masturbating on cam, and the pedos.
For example, i spoke to Japanese lass, in which asked me the first question : Are you alive?
I took a while to ponder on the question, in which i replied yes.
This soon turned into a full questioning of weather we both lived.
Which was mega interesting and fun. And made me question allot about myself.
She then told me :
You need to find yourself, through exploring the world.
Then said she had enriched me enough, then left.
It was like out of a strange sci-fi film.
She was like a fucking fortune cookie.
This was all in the space of a 3 minute convo, and i felt my life had changed slightly.
So surreal, but yet i felt like i believed her.

All this has been refreshing, but me dressing up as a banana has to top of the week.
So many people wanted to speak to me that night
people were picking me up and crowed surfing me and shaking my hand
So many people kept asking me for photos
I keep getting random tags on facebook with me and my outfit ; so funny.



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