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Time: 11:20 ; Not long till baby Jesus's birthday!
My whole plan of having a nice Christmas spent alone backfired.
It's been quite a while since i last blogged, because of various Problems and due to plain laziness, so this blog is dedicated to random thoughts from through out this week. I knew i wouldn't have a chance to blog for a while, so i jotted some thoughts in my mini pocket size 'moleskine' diary.

I'm currently staying in a cottage/house, in the middle of nowhere; which is kinda nice, in a weird way. I'm planning on going for a very long work Tomorrow, preferably getting lost, so i can avoid spending time with Laura's family. Don't get me wrong, there's a handful of people within the family who are brilliant, interesting and hate family just as much as i do, but id much Rather avoid there company all together and be anti social. However Theres one person i particular im looking forward to having a chat with over the next few days is Laura's step grandad, who pretty much is just as anti social and hate filled as me, although he is ill at the moment, it doesn't seem to be effecting his mood: not that he had a happy mood. But that's what i like about him.
I may come across happy and cheerful all the time, and most times i am.
But i would describe myself as hate filled towards allot of things.
like Rhianna. i fucking hate that bitch, stupid shitty faced 'i cant sing' cunt bag.

Christmas time is a strange time for me; I'm not a materialistic character, nor religious, nor a fan of family and 'togetherness': yet i feel compelled to enjoy Christmas. I've learnt from previous experiences people think spending time on your own on chrimbob as completely discrasfull, and deranged. So maybe i pretend to enjoy Christmas, to feel less of an outsider than i can possible make myself feel. The thing is... i truly enjoy Christmas. Maybe its the pretty lights, or the festive food and drink. The only possibility i can think off is the fact it makes others feel happy, which in turn, makes me feel happy. Or maybe its just because i fucking love Wallis and gromit and they play them on the television box. I don't want to come across as a modern day 'scrooge', i just don't like certain aspects of Christmas. Other than that, i fucking adore Christmas.

One thing i hate is how animalistic people become towards and during Christmas: People feel its acceptable to be rude, ignorant, and to gobble as much crap they can manage to cram into there mouths. For instance i watched a guy with complet disgust/ amazement eat a half a mince pie, chew a few times, throw few bits of meat in there, swill it around a bit, add some cheese and crackers, chew a bit then descide to talk with his mouth open. Fucking revolting.
People become the animals they digestest on Christmas.
or the vegetable in some cases.
Okay, now iv got why i hate Christmas off my chest, i can stop being a scrooge and truly enjoy the aspects i do like.

The car journey to Laura's house was quite amusing, considered of me winding Laura up, by throwing things at her, and zapping her with my 'green lantern' ring LOLZ which undoubtedly led to her having a paddy, and throwing my ring :( But on the plus side i saw a fucking awesome white barn owl, fly straight past the car, which looked a splitting image to buck beak. (HP owl)
Although me and lauz are arguing allot lately, i have a feeling i still love her, so surly all should be gravy in the end? well i hope so. The photo was taken on my shit/ amazing new phone. i didn't expect it to even have a camera, so i was pleasantly surprised to find it had the capability to put photos onto the computer, let alone take a photo lol

Id just like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas btw, especially Jesus, for creating such an awesome holiday for saying hes a fictional character
Id also like say get well soon to Andy, as every girl on blogger has done so. hahaha
One operation and he gets all the attention ;) hahah
Get well soon bro :)

Okay, better stop blogging, even though i have so much more on my mind.
I'll save it for tomorrow.


  1. YES, another mention! *Punches the air* I'm so FUCKING AWESOME.

  2. Mrs. Slug would like to commend you for your choice of blog to follow. She thanks you from the bottom of her gooey belly for coming by Slugs Rest for a little relaxation and entertainment. Please come by anytime and make a comment as Mr. Slug loves to read them! We'll leave the light on for ya.
    Love Mrs. Slug :)