And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Time: 1:26
I'm currently gobbling down Mcvities caramel and chocolate biscuits
And yes, we all know what it means when I'm eating biscuits.
I wont go into detail, but it was a good performance on my behalf.
I was quite impressed with myself..

Saying that, for all i know i was terrible and this was an attempt to trick all my readers and myself into thinking I'm a awesome hunk who's rad in the sack.
Don't let this fool you.

Anyway.. Today i watched bill bailey's guide to the orchestra.
Which was brilliant, although it lacked the comical element from Bill himself, it was the very presence of the orchestra (bbc's orchestra) itself that provided all the humour
Through out the performance bill leads you through how the various instruments have traditionally been used to create specific moods and emotions. He used the orchestra to cover all kinds of subjects, including music for 70's cop shows, sci-fi films, horror movies and news themes. One of my favorites is how he uses the orchestra to create the Universal Pictures DVD introduction played in "fast forward" mode as he was sick of not being able to skip the start of dvds.
He also desided to create music for an horror film, in which he makes a story to fit the mood of the music, which is brilliant!
Theres a peice of pure genius, where he creates an entire song with the use of cowbells!
(is it just me or has the text size changed half way through? lol)
Ow and theres a brilliant qwote about Nietzsche, which i'm sure ben will love!
Have a little nosey:

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  1. yea, i do love that quote haha. I remember highlighting it in my version of Thus Spoke Z dawg.
    need that Bailey dvd, will acquire when loan comes through.